• Data Virtualization a supermarket for data

    Data Virtualization: A Supermarket for Data

    What is data virtualization? Here’s an analogy using a concept that we can all relate to: a supermarket. Picture the scene: Shopping list in one hand, shopping basket in the other, you’re ready to tackle your weekly shopping in your…

  • Beyond Hadoop Big Data Fabric

    Beyond Hadoop – Think Big Data Fabric

    Challenges to Enterprise-wide Adoption of Big Data Technologies Lack of comprehensive strategic planning is proving to be the greatest impediment to enterprise-wide adoption of big data technologies. While organizations are quick to invest in new technologies like Hadoop cluster and…

  • Market-Shifts-in-Data-Integration-Technology

    Market Shifts in Data Integration Technology

    It wouldn’t take a genius to notice the evolution of modern technology. In just the past ten years, we’ve watched the flip-phone transform into the smartphone and the automobile inch towards autonomy. Within our own space, we’ve noticed similar shifts,…

  • shifting-towards-a-logical-data-warehouse-in-4-steps

    Shifting Towards a Logical Data Warehouse, in 4 Steps, Without Having to Close Shop

    The logical data warehouse is the data architecture of the future — fast, flexible and ideal to support self-service BI. In the past year, I have published quite a lot regarding the architectural advantages of the logical data warehouse (read…


Simplifying Big Data Integration with Data Virtualization

The strength of Hadoop and NoSQL systems in supporting big data systems is indisputable. These big data technologies are designed, built, and optimized specifically for large-scale and high-performance environments. Their support for massively parallel hardware architectures and cheap commodity hardware…

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Data Virtualization is a Revenue Generator

Many organizations have made it a high priority to implement a data virtualization solution. This makes sense, since traditional data warehouses can no longer keep pace with the explosive growth in data volumes and user queries. The logical data warehouse…

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A Virtual Sandbox for Data Scientists

Data Scientists hold coveted positions in the analytics arena. We picture them spending most of their time gazing into the data and making predictions, and some of the time preparing the data for analysis. Unfortunately, the reverse seems to be…

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How Not To Get Stuck in a Big Data Landslide

We have entered an almost unprecedented era where data threatens to overwhelm us. We need efficient data management, but it all comes down to this: Without a way to simplify our consumption of this onslaught of data, businesses are in…

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The Role of Data Virtualisation in a Data Lake

It seems at present there is huge amount of hype on big data and the concept of a data lake. Already however there is confusion as to what a data lake is with multiple different definitions ranging from a centralised…

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We Are in The Golden Age of Biomedical Research

It might seem hopeless to pour buckets of money into finding a cure for a seemingly incurable disease – until it isn’t. After years of diligent effort, biopharma companies could discover the cure for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or even cancer, and…

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