• Does a Logical Data Warehouse Architecture Need a Physical Data Warehouse?

    Does a Logical Data Warehouse Architecture Need a Physical Data Warehouse?

    If you want to know why a Physical Data Warehouse is no longer suitable for newer data types, register to the webinar “The Big BI Dilemma – Bimodal Logical Data Warehouse to the Rescue!” by Rick van der Lans on…

  • Is Data Virtualization the Holy Grail

    Is Data Virtualization the Holy Grail?

    Anyone working in business intelligence and analytics must count themselves lucky. And I’m feeling lucky too. We were here when Tableau and Qlik set a seismic market shift in motion, from reliance on IT to business user independence, creating the…

  • Logical-Data-Warehouses-and-Why-They-Matter

    Logical Data Warehouses and Why They Matter

    Recently there has been a lot of discussion around the concept of the logical data warehouse. What is the cause of this buzz? Why are logical data warehouses so important for data professionals? To understand this, we first need to…

  • Why CIOs, CMOs, and CROs Should Pay Attention to the Fast Data Strategy

    As C-level executives managing different lines of business, our duties could be varied, but we are all driven by one common goal—to generate profit for the company. And there is always pressure to do it faster—demanded by the CEO. Data…


10 Things You Need To Know About Data Virtualization

The success and survival of business is becoming increasingly tied to the way in which companies understand and harness the data that they have access to. In Bernard Marr’s article “What is Data Virtualization and Why Does It Matter?” he…

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The Big Data Explosion

The big-data-world, it seems, is jumping on the data-virtualization-bandwagon. According to Gartner, “By 2018, organizations with data virtualization capabilities will spend 40% less on building and managing data integration processes for connecting distributed data assets.” This solidifies data virtualization as…

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Data Virtualization a supermarket for data

Data Virtualization: A Supermarket for Data

What is data virtualization? Here’s an analogy using a concept that we can all relate to: a supermarket. Picture the scene: Shopping list in one hand, shopping basket in the other, you’re ready to tackle your weekly shopping in your…

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A role for OData in Data Virtualization scenarios

A Role For OData in Data Virtualization Scenarios

What is OData? The Open Data Protocol (OData), currently in version 4, is an open data exchange protocol maintained by the OASIS Consortium as a standard. Originally proposed by Microsoft in 2009 (and maintained by them until version 3), it…

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