• Data-Virtualization-Is-The-Answer-to-Your-Big-Data-Questions

    Data Virtualization Is The Answer to Your Big Data Questions

    Savvy organizations know that business growth and success are intrinsically linked with an effective strategy for managing data. But as the big data momentum builds, more questions are raised. In this post, I’ll answer five of the most important ones….

  • Achieving-Lightning-Fast-Performance-in-your-Logical-Data-Warehouse

    Achieving Lightning-Fast Performance in your Logical Data Warehouse

    The amount of data a company can manage these days is huge, but making use of these data for analytics and decision-making can be hard and expensive using traditional approaches.Traditional architectures like data warehouses and data lakes rely on storing…

  • Data Virtualization is a Revenue Generator

    Many organizations have made it a high priority to implement a data virtualization solution. This makes sense, since traditional data warehouses can no longer keep pace with the explosive growth in data volumes and user queries. The logical data warehouse…

  • Do-Data-Scientists-Really-Ask-for-Physical-Data-Lakes

    Do Data Scientists Really Ask for Physical Data Lakes?

    There is no discussion about the business value of a data lake for data scientists. Everyone understands that bringing all the data together in one place makes access to data easy and quick for data scientists. Studies have shown that…

Rethinking the Data Lake with Data Virtualization

Rethinking the Data Lake with Data Virtualization

In this post, I will introduce the idea of the logical data lake, a logical architecture in which a physical data lake augments its capabilities by working in tandem with a virtual layer. In subsequent posts in this series, I’ll…

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Catering to Customers, Individually

The current data-volume explosion can be traced back to a time when our society began to focus more on customers as individuals. We see ourselves as independent, unique people with free will, not bound by social conformity. Catering to that…

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