• Data Virtualization a supermarket for data

    Data Virtualization: A Supermarket for Data

    What is data virtualization? Here’s an analogy using a concept that we can all relate to: a supermarket. Picture the scene: Shopping list in one hand, shopping basket in the other, you’re ready to tackle your weekly shopping in your…

  • Beyond Hadoop Big Data Fabric

    Beyond Hadoop – Think Big Data Fabric

    Challenges to Enterprise-wide Adoption of Big Data Technologies Lack of comprehensive strategic planning is proving to be the greatest impediment to enterprise-wide adoption of big data technologies. While organizations are quick to invest in new technologies like Hadoop cluster and…

  • Market-Shifts-in-Data-Integration-Technology

    Market Shifts in Data Integration Technology

    It wouldn’t take a genius to notice the evolution of modern technology. In just the past ten years, we’ve watched the flip-phone transform into the smartphone and the automobile inch towards autonomy. Within our own space, we’ve noticed similar shifts,…

  • shifting-towards-a-logical-data-warehouse-in-4-steps

    Shifting Towards a Logical Data Warehouse, in 4 Steps, Without Having to Close Shop

    The logical data warehouse is the data architecture of the future — fast, flexible and ideal to support self-service BI. In the past year, I have published quite a lot regarding the architectural advantages of the logical data warehouse (read…


We Are in The Golden Age of Biomedical Research

It might seem hopeless to pour buckets of money into finding a cure for a seemingly incurable disease – until it isn’t. After years of diligent effort, biopharma companies could discover the cure for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or even cancer, and…

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Data Virtualization and the Cloud

Cloud computing is a fact of life. Organizations like the agility, flexibility, and scalability that it provides. They can scale up and scale down their data storage and compute capacity as and when needed. This provides incredible flexibility to new…

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Denodo Platform 6.0: Certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5

You’ve no doubt heard about the significant improvements that Denodo Platform 6.0 offers over previous iterations, such as self-service data discovery and search features, more robust security, and support for a wider variety of cloud and big data technologies. But…

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