Unleash the power of Data Virtualization on Cloud using the Denodo Free Trial

Unleash the Power of Data Virtualization on Cloud Using the Denodo Free Trial!

Denodo Test Drives have been a huge hit for all types of users, whether they just got started with data virtualization or they wanted to learn more about a specific use case. What they had in common was learning just how simple and worthwhile it was to put the Denodo Platform in action. For that, nothing comes close to the Denodo Test Drive experience in the cloud.

From Test Drive to Free Trial

We want to help you to extend the benefits of the Test Drives even further. With that in mind, we are introducing the Denodo Free Trial on Cloud, which provides a full ten days to try out whatever you feel is necessary to make your use case realistic and worthwhile from an implementation perspective.

With the Free Trial, we want to make sure that you quench your thirst in terms of putting the Denodo Platform to the test and exploring its many features. This is an opportunity for serious, eager prospects to build their confidence around how Denodo data virtualization can solve real-world problems.

Our website features a wide variety of case studies, but the ultimate truth is when you test out the Denodo Platform with your own users and data sets, and watch the magic happen.

You can engage in a Free Trial in two ways:

  • Sign up and instantiate the Free Trial under Denodo’s account on Cloud: With this method, Denodo takes full ownership of the infrastructure costs, and all you have to do to get started is connect. The only caveat is that you have to access our own specific set of data sources. Also, you have to experiment with, and validate your use case with, our own preloaded, reasonably sized data sets, which use a TPC-DS data model.
  • Sign up and instantiate the Free Trial under your own cloud account (coming soon!) This method has no limitations or barriers in terms of what you can connect to, and it offers the full Denodo Platform to use at your disposal.

Both options enable you to “kick the tires” of the Denodo Platform, and both enable you to request support via our Community Forum. If you want to use a Free Trial to validate an implementation in the near term, we will be happy to work with you in a closely engaged fashion.

To summarize, a Free Trial provides:

  • Flexibility and a choice of deployment option
  • Full access to all capabilities of the platform including access to a sample user guide or use case examples, if needed
  • The opportunity to discuss and validate a use case or architecture with Denodo cloud experts

The Time is Now

Go ahead and explore the 14 day Denodo Free Trial on Cloud . I am sure that it will offer you a fresh new perspective on running data virtualization in the cloud, as a way to accelerate insights across your disparate cloud and/or on-premises data sources.

We are eager to hear about your experience and to support you in your journey to the cloud, so please contact us at any point, and feel free to share your experiences by commenting below.

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