• Hi Robin – I really like this analogy with the orchestral conductor, and to take it further, one could say that even though the result is “beautiful music”, the instruments and musicians taking part aren’t necessarily playing the same version of the piece of music, the same time or key signature, half the woodwind section haven’t played this piece before, 2nd violin doesn’t speak the language, the double bass player is still at the airport, the percussionist has only ever played techno-trance, and someone forgot to give the earlier start time to the pianist. What should be a shambles is brought together as a performance worth hearing.

    • Thanks Chris, its always great to get comments and I love how you expand on the idea, it is so true. Really put a smile on my face.

    • Thanks Parul, really pleased to know that you found the article of use, I hope you are enjoying all of the content here.

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