The Pandemic, Cloud Adoption, and the Future

Reading Time: 3 minutes The pandemic caused considerable disruption, but as a result, it also accelerated cloud adoption. As we moved towards remote working and switched to online customer interactions, it became clear that the cloud was more than just a “nice to have,”…

Why Data Mesh Needs Data Virtualization
Analytics, Data Science

Why Data Mesh Needs Data Virtualization

Reading Time: 5 minutes “Data mesh” is a new data analytics paradigm proposed by Zhamak Dehghani, one that is designed to move organizations from monolithic architectures such as the data warehouse and the data lake to more decentralized architectures. As long-time supporters of logical…

Unified Semantic Layers Unifying Business and IT
Data Fabric

Unlocking the Power of Data

Reading Time: 3 minutes BITanium, based out of South Africa, is a longstanding Denodo partner. Here, I would like to highlight the stories of two companies that have leveraged our partnership to unlock the full power of data within their organizations. First, a little…

Data Virtualization and Data Science
Data Science

Data Virtualization and Data Science

Reading Time: 2 minutes If we look at a typical data science lifecycle, many of its stages have more to do with data than science. Before data scientists can begin their work regarding data science, they often must begin by: Finding the right data…