Liberate your Data - Logical Data Warehouses

Liberate Your Data Using Logical Data Warehouses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Logical data warehouses, driven by data virtualization, are the force of the future. Yet while many BI specialists have embraced the logical data warehouse in theory, they struggle with the actual practical application of data virtualization. Some seem to feel…

Data Management success

What is your Data Management Style?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Data management is the key to unlock the true potential of your business. The right combination of data management tools can make all the difference to your data strategy. Access to critical data can drive important business decisions and also…

Data Structured or Unstructured

Structured or Unstructured. No Problem

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anytime you hear the word data or big data, a constant stream of green numbers comes to your mind as in the movie, The Matrix. But there is more to data than that.  Data can be structured or unstructured. Multi-structured…


Big Data is not always Big Information

Reading Time: 2 minutes Big Data is not always Big Information Organizations don’t need big data, they need big information. Let me explain. Years ago, my professors taught me the critical difference between data and information. Data are raw unorganized facts that need to…


Tackling fraud and waste with Data Virtualization

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tackling fraud and waste with Data Virtualization In many organizations, getting a complete view of their operations is a challenging task. Information is scattered across multiple locations and multiple systems – each providing a glimpse of operations but, usually, not…