Data Virtualization and the Cloud

Cloud computing is a fact of life. Organizations like the agility, flexibility, and scalability that it provides. They can scale up and scale down their data storage and compute capacity as and when needed. This provides incredible flexibility to new…

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Logical Data Warehouses and Why They Matter

Recently there has been a lot of discussion around the concept of the logical data warehouse. What is the cause of this buzz? Why are logical data warehouses so important for data professionals? To understand this, we first need to…

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Logical Data Lakes

Data lakes have captured the imagination in the past few months. The idea of having all of your data stored in a ‘lake’ – available to all and sundry – is very appealing to both data architects and to the…

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Data caching modes – when and how to use them

Data caching modes – when and how to use them. Intelligent data caching is a key capability of an enterprise-class Data Virtualization platform and, working in tandem with real-time query optimization and scheduled batch operations, is one of the key…

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Breathe new life into your ETL Processes

Breathe new life into your ETL Processes In many organizations, data integration still means using ETL processes to perform the traditional heavy-lifting of data replication and consolidation. While ETL is a tried and tested method for consolidating structured data into…

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